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Top Maintenance Tips For Your Garage Door Houston

Many people in Houston Texas don’t usually consider the option of maintaining their garage doors seriously. This is one exercise that needs to be carried out at least twice every year. After all, this is something you make use of everyday.

To avoid any form of disappointment, it is crucial to ensure it is regularly maintained. Some of the implications of poor maintenance routine on your Garage Door Houston could be broken garage door spring, auto-reverse failure, torsion spring failure, motor failure and many more.


Here is the major problem

Maintaining garage door Austin, Tx is not straightforward. In fact, you could get confused especially when it is your first time. You need to understand the exact components that require maintenance for best results. Lack of such knowledge can even make you cause more damage.


This post will be helping to reveal some powerful tips about maintaining your garage door Houston, just apply them wherever necessary and you will be fine.


Lubricating moving parts

This is a very important maintenance routine for your Garage Door Austin, Tx. When moving parts are properly lubricated, they will not be stressed. You can spray lubricant every 6months to ensure optimum performance. White lithium grease will be perfect for this purpose.

Just put it on the hinges and rollers. Please ensure that excesses are wiped off.


Furthermore, extension-spring openers and torsion spring openers have pulleys and bearings respectively which need to be lubricated. In a situation whereby the opener has screw or chain, such should be sprayed using lithium grease. Ensure lubricant isn’t used on its belt-drive opener as this can be dangerous.


Cleaning and painting the door

It is very important that you inspect your overhead door Houston especially when it is made of steel. There could be rust spots that require painting. For fiberglass doors, an all-purpose cleaner can help in cleaning them. For wooden doors, you need to make some close observations.

This is because they can be easily damaged by water.


Cheeped as well as peeling paint should be removed. After sanding, such component can be repainted. This is very important for prolonging the life of an overhead door Houston.

Some wooden doors have got weather stripping along their base. If yours doesn’t have, ensure it is properly painted or seal.

Garage door weather stripping is more important than you are thinking.

Check the garage door sensor to find out whether water is affecting any of its components. This requires regular cleaning.


Inspection of its balance

This may sound technical but it is not. It is important your garage door is balanced to enable it open and close easily. Garage doors usually work on counterbalancing principle. Without this, they can’t operate effectively. To check the balance, the handle of its opener should be pulled. At this point, the door needs to be opened halfway up.


Once it moves, such is a sign that there could be a broken garage door spring. You will need to contact a professional garage Door Repair company like Fix N Go Garage Doors to help out. We are professionals when it comes to maintaining different types of garage doors. Even if such has to do with a broken spring or any type of spring, we can still help out.


Tightening bolts & nuts

When the bolts and nuts become lose in your Garage Door Austin, Tx, there is one major problem that can occur. This is the place becoming less secured.

Unauthorized parties can easily gain access if care is not taken. You need to be on the lookout for lose bolts and nuts. This maintenance routine may prove technical though especially when you haven’t done it before.


You need to check all the bolts and nuts. Again, you may need to hire an expert company to help out. This will ensure you don’t cause any further damage.


Checking for damaged parts

Ensure that you are checking all the components at regular intervals to find out whether any one of them is damaged. Nylon Garage Door Rollers are known to last for years but they need to be checked. This will ensure your Garage Door Austin, Tx doesn’t underperform. You can also check whether your garage door sensor needs to be repaired or replaced.

An overhead door Houston can’t work well when the parts/components need to be replaced.


How we can help you today

Do you want a garage door that will work as expected? Fix N Go Garage Doors is the best when it comes to repairing and maintenance of garage doors in Austin, Texas. We have some of the best experts who understand how to carry out professional maintenance routine like garage door weather stripping, torsion spring replacements, fixing and replacement of Nylon Garage Door Rollers, repair of garage door openers, garage door installation, and many more. Whether such is a residential or commercial garage door, we are capable of meeting your needs. Contact us today for any kind of garage door service.



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