We offer maintenance and repair for all major door types.

Fix N Go Opener Repair

Our technicians are well-trained and vastly experienced. When it comes to any kind of Garage Door Repair Austin, they are the go-to professionals.


The brand that we recommend amongst others is Liftmaster opener. This is because they are a trusted and recognized leader in the industry.


In order to save your time, we always ensure that our technicians come along with a model that is common. This will ensure a smooth and easy process of opener installation.


Garage Door Opener Installation

If you prefer the idea of purchasing such garage door motor by yourself, our technicians can render the best installation services. It doesn’t really matter the brand you must have purchased.


So long as such is a common brand like genie garage opener, chamberlain garage door opener (highly recommended), craftsman garage door opener, or Ryobi garage door opener, it will be installed. We render opener installation services like:

  • Syncing of MyQ garage door opener app
  • Setting up Clicker garage door opener
  • Setting up of keypads for garage door openers
  • And many others


Please note that our services do not include installation of Marantec garage door openers.


Repair of Garage Door Openers

We have a highly skilled and experienced team that can repair any kind of garage door opener. However, there are some steps you need to take before contacting us. These will enable you to know whether replacement or repair is required in such opener.


Check If It Is Not An Electrical Issue

There are times when your garage door won’t open due to its motor experiencing short circuit. In such case, try to have something else plugged to see if it is going to work. Use another plug or extension cord to check the motor. Sometimes it might be Broken Spring also, Make sure that the torsion spring is not broken into 2 pieces


Checking For Obstruction

Ensure that the garage door sensors have been checked. Also, check the alignments whether there is any kind of obstruction.


Check The Connections

If there is no connection between the garage door opener and the door, the belt/chain will be going back and forth. However, such door isn’t going to move. At such point, ensure it is connected.


Heavy Duty Garage Door

Is there any way to know if I actually need any of those? There are cases or instances when these are recommended. One of such is when your garage is used over 10times daily. There are cycles for every opener. These consist of how they open and close each time.


Another reason is when you have a heavy-duty door. For instance, ½ horse power opener and wood overlay with 4 springs aren’t ideal for such doors. This is because they are not strong enough. The minimum should be 3/4 HP.


Recommended models are:

  • 8500w including battery backup
  • Side mount garage door opener (8500w model)


Tips For Programming Garage Door


Learn button

This button can be found in modern openers. There are even old models that have it. Just have such button pressed and released. The clicker program must be completed within 60seconds. The cover should be pulled down from the clicker.

You will find a black button (small). Have it pressed and held down until a blue light is turned on.


Now, the button that you want programmed should be chosen. After that, it should be pressed and released about 3 to 7times. Continue until the opener received makes a click sound indicating it has been synced.


Again, have the black button pressed and held for the blue light to turn off. You have just succeeded in programming the clicker.


The tips above apply to mvq smarter openers. However, they don’t work for Homelink buttons.


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