Well, Christmas is just around the corner; you might be thinking about renovating your home to give off a refreshing vibe. Furnishing is just as important as repairing the obsolete things in your home. While noting down other things that need repairing, you might also want to note the garage and porch area of your house. Often the garage door openers get rusted or somewhat old, due to which their performance doesn’t stay up to the mark. However, the most difficult decision to make is choosing between the belt drive vs. the chain drive garage door opener. Read further to see a detailed comparison of both.

Belt Vs Chain Garage Door Opener:

  • Price: The affordability of chain drive garage openers is slightly more than that of belt drive. Chain drives are commonly used with a garage door. This adds up a bit of the disadvantage of belt drive openers; however, they are a better and economical option if you’re looking for a long-term option. Because belt drive garage openers are more long-lasting than chain drives, this involves different factors such as friction.
  • Heavy duty: Chain drive openers are better in terms of strength, but both kinds’ functionality is almost the same. If you want to lift a 2-car garage door, then go for a chain opener. However, a disadvantage of the belt drive opener is they’re not easily available, so it might be possible that you’d have to spend more money on finding a belt drive if you have one door garage.
  • Noise: Imagine spending all that money just to have an opener that goes boom every time you open the garage! So, if your garage is attached to your bedroom or lounge, you may want to prefer belt openers as they are less noisy than chain openers. This is an advantage of belt drive openers.
  • Convenience: Chain drive garage openers require adjustments more often, but they work faster than the other ones. Here, both chain and belt drive openers tie because one requires readjustments frequently, and the other takes slightly more time to operate.

Life Span:

Now, before investing your money, you should know how long a belt drive opener lasts. Their average life span is about 10 to 15 years. However, it depends upon the usage. Even if your door is not that old, it can start making noise.

Therefore, it is a good option to replace it or get it repaired. Whatever your driveway needs, do go to the experts. Your home exterior will surely fit with the shutters that come in a wide range of colors and designs. These things are easily available in the market.

If you want to get any professional help regarding belt vs. chain drive garage door opener and which one would suit you more, give FixNGo a call at 832-400-2992. We can install your newly bought garage doors and also repair the ones already hanging.