Making your garage door airtight is necessary to keep it safe from the winters’ cold winds, rain, and snow. Not only that, the crawling insects, mud, and dirty air can damage your garage and other belongings inside your property. Sealing the garage door will prevent such issues and keep you away from trouble. Making your garage door soundproof will allow you to use your heavy garage equipment such as table saws without disturbing your neighbors. If your garage door is not airtight, the noises will go out, causing neighborly conflicts. Keep reading the article to learn how to seal your garage door from the inside.

How To Seal Garage Door Gaps On The Sides And Top

Here are ways to seal your garage door from inside to prevent noise from going out and stop insects and bad weather from coming in. But remember, making a garage door airtight is best handled by experts because they have the right expertise and tools to give satisfying results.

Garage Floor Seal

The best way to seal a garage door is to make the bottom airtight. It is easy to tell if the floor needs sealing by looking at the incoming light. Use a floor seal to make the door airtight. Clean the area below the door and close it and place the seal of the size of a door.

Use Bottom Seal

This is another way to soundproof your garage door. It is quick and effortless to install bottom seals as they come with clips, and you just have to insert them. Measure the length of your garage door and cut the seal to the exact size. Now place it with the help of clips, and you’re good to go.

Garage Door Top Seal

To seal a door from the inside, making the bottom part weather and sound resistant is not enough, and you will need to seal the top of the garage door as well. You can find a garage door top seal on the market that is designed for sealing the top part. When you close your garage door, the seal completely shuts, and all the gaps on the top are sealed. The main purpose of a garage door top seal is to prevent heat loss. Hot air rises and during the winter season, losing it isn’t good. Having a garage seal intact prevents the precious hot air from leaking out.

Weather-stripping to seal garage door sides

Sealing the sides of the garage door is just as important as closing the top and the bottom. Use weather stripping tape to seal cracks and gaps on the sides of the garage door.

These were some of the best methods to make your garage insect and soundproof and resistant to the weather. Since you will spend so many dollars on sealing your garage door, failing to do it the right way won’t make you happy. Why waste your money? We recommend calling in professionals to handle the job, so have doubtless seals. Call FixNGo at 832-400-2992 and let the experts seal your garage door from the inside.