Hearing about a malfunctioning garage door can bring a sudden wave of despair. The garage door can stop working in several ways, sometimes it won’t open, and other times, it won’t close. You may also witness a perfectly working garage door stuck in the middle due to an unknown reason. Whatever issue you are facing, the professionals at FixNGo can help you get a garage door that works perfectly. This article will explore some top reasons why your garage door won’t close.

Reasons Why My Garage Door Won’t Close

Misaligned Tracks

Misaligned tracks can stop the garage door from closing. To ensure this is the cause, look for any gaps between the rail and the rollers. If you find some, there is a problem. If there’s some misalignment, but your garage door still works, it’s possible to make things good by yourself. However, if the door is badly stuck because of the misalignment, then you shouldn’t try anything yourself and leave things to a professional.

Blocked Path

Garage doors have an inbuilt functionality that stops them from closing if something is in their way. If your garage door closes partially, it means an object is present in a way that is preventing it from closing. Another reason could be the accumulation of debris that includes gum, rock, or mud. If the garage door senses even the slightest of any object, it won’t close.

To troubleshoot, see if you find something that is blocking the photo eye sensors. Also, look for the debris buildup on the lower and the top track. To prevent buildup in the future, wipe off the tracks from time to time.

Broken Springs

The garage door springs are what lift the heavyweight of the door. If something happens to these springs, the garage door may only open partially or won’t open at all. In this scenario, don’t try anything on your own, as working with these springs can be very dangerous. Simply call a professional to come and have the springs repaired or replaced.

Limit Settings Need Adjustment

Some homeowners complain that their garage door partially close but again go back up in the open position. This is a common issue in recently installed garage doors or too old ones. The reason behind this problem is that the open and close limit settings of the door need some adjustments. The readings on the range instruct the garage door to move forward at a certain point to close. If the settings are out, the door will stop and close only partially.

Manual Lock

To ensure if the garage door has been manually locked, listen to the opener motor. If it runs for a brief time then shuts off, but your garage door is not opening, the culprit is in front of you. If the door springs and the track look good, check if the door lock is engaged.

Do all of the above issues look good, but your garage door still won’t close? It’s best to have an expert at your service. To request a consultation, call FixNGo at 832-400-2992.