Garage Door Spring Broke

Can You Open Garage Door With Broken Spring?

1 – Grab a partner if you can.
2 – Be aware & Use Extreme Caution.
3 – Plug out the garage door opener Cord.
4 – Disengage the Door from the Opener. (Pull the red Cord)
5 – Lift the Door – If its 1 Person, Place yourself in the middle of the Garage Door, If 2 Persons 1 will be places on the left side of the Garage Door and the other one on the right side of the Garage Door
7 – Clamp the Door. (You can use Vice grip that was measured ahead)

  • Garage Door Spring Broke – Its Common issue the happen over time and cannot be prevented
  • In a case of heavy duty garage door and extremely heavy duty garage doors those step are not Recommended because in dangerous, Call your garage door repair company and have them fix that for you
  • Contact Fix N Go today if you have a broken spring and get it replaced in the same day !
    Broken Garage Door Spring